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  • If you know of a work at home job or a work at home business opportunity, please share with us here. We would like to review all work at home business opportunities and work at home jobs, starting with the most commonly asked ones.

  • There are three ways you can advertise on our Work at Home Reviews website.

  • Contact Pages are are great way to engage with your visitors and demonstrate that you are a real person rather than simply an anonymous web site.

  • If you have a home based business that you run as a sole proprietorship, you will need to file Schedule C with your 1040 tax form. On Schedule C, the IRS wants to know what business you are in and the IRS has a list of business codes that you can choose from. The business codes are for information only.

  • There are many jobs that a person can do. Most people choose their jobs based on their skills but some do not like the jobs that they have. Sometimes what they study at college is not what they want to use and it is not the field that they want to be in for the rest of their lives.

  • Below is a list of work at home businesses that you can start. This is a short list because there are, of course, many more businesses that you can start.

  • There are two ways of working at home. You can find businesses that offer work at home jobs or you can create work at home jobs for yourself. Finding a business that will pay you to work from home is, of course, harder than creating your own work at home jobs.

  • Below is a table showing the unemployment rates for March 2009 by state. Source: U.S. Department Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Network Marketing is also referred to as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or direct selling. It is a marketing strategy that compensates promoters of direct selling companies for their personal product sales and also for the sales of others they recruited to the company.

  • When the world is in recession, unemployment is a big problem. Even if a country has been out of recession for quite some time, according to economic data, the job market is not the first to recover. When banks stopped lending, home prices fell, and employers cut costs and jobs to save themselves from going bankrupt, a large number of people will be struggling to get by.

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